6+1 interviews: Heidi Swapp

I am beyond thrilled to have one of my favorite scrapbookers as guest for the 6+1 interview series this month. Heidi Swapp, mother, crafter, entrepreneur. She knows what you desire before you do, believe me. This woman is amazing and a source of constant inspiration. Heidi is not only designing products (ever heard of ColorShine sprays?!), but also teaching classes (in-person and online) and taping free video instructions about how to use her products (there are ways of using them you haven´t even thought of in your wildest dreams!). Read her interview where she shares a lot of interesting insights into her crafty and personal life. Enjoy!

Find Heidi:
website: www.heidiswapp.com
blog: www.heidiswapp.com/blog
facebook: facebook.com/HeidiSwapp
instagram: hkswapp
“I am also on Pinterest and twitter… so stop by and say hello!”

Interview with Heidi Swapp
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1. Describe yourself in five words

Let´s see, 5 words that describe me: open, determined, energetic, optimistic, creative.

2. What are you creating?
What am I creating? Working on some new classes, and doing a Circle Journal with some friends, trying to figure out my Christmas cards.

3. When and why did you start crafting?
Well, let´s talk specifically ‘scrapbooking’, because that is most of what I love to do… I have been scrapbooking since I was a young teenager- I have ALWAYS loved to look through photos, and remember! I love reading the captions the most!  I just hate it when a photo has no caption! My mom made scrapbooks of herself as a young woman,  and I loved to look at them. And my Grandfather took MILLIONS of photos! And always put on slideshows… I loved seeing myself in the photos! When I was 12, my 6 year old brother was killed in an accident, and it was so devastating for our family!  My mom made a scrapbook all about him, and it was such a treasure. It all just taught me that life is precious, and memories are so important… I have a true love of memories!  That is why I scrapbook!

4. How do you explain to other people what you are doing?
Ha ha …how do I explain it to other people… lets see… I keep a pretty low profile. But if I have to do some explaining, I always have a mini book or something fun floating around in my purse!  I can’t really explain it without showing it. But once you get me talking about it… I don’t stop!

5. Who or what inspires you?

I am always looking for inspiration, so I find it all over… here’s a short list:
1. deadlines are the ultimate inspiration!  I usually push everything to the very last minute!
2. seasons and holidays inspire me! I love to make them special and memorable
3. my kids. Well, my kids when they are happy! I try to capture the ‘best part’.
4. kate spade. LOVE.
5. quiet. The most inspiring thing to me is some quiet time with a notepad!

6. Three crafting related things you would take along on a lonely island?
Let´s see.. on a lonely island…
ok, I would say my silhouette cameo, cause I love it most, but no power!
1.     I’d take my Crop-A-Dile, cause it would double as a weapon and maybe even a hammer
2.     Tim Holtz scissors – can’t go anywhere without
3.     Black sharpie – I just like always having one!

+1 Additional: What does your crafting room look like (feel free to add a picture!)
My Crafting space has quite a small footprint in my house – it’s located in a little loft area at the top of the stairs right near all my kids’ rooms.  From my little spot, I can look over the railing and see the family room and kitchen, and even out into the backyard and keep a good eye on the goings on!  Despite it’s a small area, it’s crammed full of STUFF! I have an island with drawers and cabinets for lots of storage. I am a ‘stand up scrapper’, so it’s just at the perfect height for me to work. I have that surface covered with a misting mat, and a cutting mat all the time.  Behind my island, I have another counter top with several drawers and cabinets underneath. Several years ago, I had them custom made to hold 12 x12 paper and all my necessities. It’s perfect. I also have a few pieces that I got from Ikea for extra storage and function. Admittedly, it’s not a clean and tidy place! And while it’s not perfectly organized, I know where everything is!  I think it’s  good to have lots of surface area to spread out on. And I think it’s good to have a ‘scrap drawer’ where you just tuck all your extra pieces – that makes them easy to locate quickly and use on any current projects.  I usually have a few spots where I hide candy! Shhhhh…

Thank you, Heidi!

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