6+1interviews: Shimelle Lane

As you know, the 6+1 interviews are being uploaded around the middle of each month, but today´s guest was moving house during that time :-) Please welcome the wonderful Shimelle Laine!
Shimelle Laine grew up in a Kansas farm town but moved to England as a student and never went home.  She started scrapbooking in 1998 and began working in the industry shortly thereafter, becoming the first person to bring online classes to the scrapbooking realm.  She has contributed and edited magazines and idea books, written a book on paper collage techniques and continues to teach new classes online throughout the year, plus two annual favourites – Learn Something New every September and Journal your Christmas every December.  You can find her at, as well as at Two Peas in a Bucket, where her alter-ego Glitter Girl hosts a weekly scrapbooking video series.

Find Shimelle:
Instagram: shimelle

Interview with Shimelle Laine

>> google Übersetzer (translator)

1. Describe yourself in five words

craft-obsessed, travel-mad, wishfully-organised talkative sparkle-fiend
(apparently, also a cheat at word counts.)

2. What are you creating?
I scrapbook pretty much every day, and have been on an extended kick of just full-size 12×12 pages lately – not really in a minibook mode but loving nice big albums.  My most recent online class, Scrapbook Remix, started on the 22nd, and I’ve made about eighty pages for that project.  So much patterned paper fun.

3. When and why did you start crafting?
I’ve always been crafty in some way or another.  My grandmother is incredibly crafty – she worked in the wedding industry for a long time, making cakes and flowers and dresses.  She taught me a lot of creative things when I was tiny and to this day she is still the person I go to for crafty advice.  I just found a vintage dress I love but it’s too big in one place and I know I’ll be emailing her today to ask her opinion on the best way to alter it.

4. How do you explain to other people what you are doing?
To people who don’t know about scrapbooking?  I explain it as writing and illustrating your own life story. If that sounds too heavy, I follow it up with ‘well, they are kinda fancy photo albums’, so it’s just a case of judging one’s audience!  When scrapbooking became my full-time job, I spent a good hour on the phone with someone from the inland revenue trying to figure out how to categorise my new employment.  In the end, she decided it had to be filed as ‘artist’.  One one hand, it’s a little cool for the government to classify you as an artist, but on the other, every time I come through immigration, the border agents ask me if I know Damien Hirst or if I have anything in the Tate Modern.  No to both, obviously.

5. Who or what inspires you?
Travel inspires me so much and yet the city where I live is my absolute favourite on earth and it inspires me every day.  I love watching people here, I love that there is so much art and so much history and so many stories.  I love to immerse myself in other cultures when I go away, and then when I come home to London I appreciate it more every time.  I’m nowhere near tired of this place.

6. Three crafting related things you would take along on a lonely island?
My giant orange Fiskars scissors, a pack of journaling pens and quite possibly a butterfly punch.

+1 Additional: What does your crafting room look like (feel free to add a picture!)

Thank you, Shimelle!

5 Gedanken zu „6+1interviews: Shimelle Lane

  1. Ines

    Oh wie toll!
    Ich durfte schon, ganz unverhofft, einen Workshop beim CAR4 bei dieser großen, kleinen Person erleben und es war wundervoll.
    Viele Grüße nach London

  2. Birgit

    Wow, vielen Dank für dieses Interview, sehr interessant. Ich hoffe, ich kann irgendwann mal einen Workshop mit dir machen. Liebe Grüße nach London. Birgit

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