6+1 Interview: Roben-Marie Smith

Ich freue mich, euch heute ein Interview mit Roben-Marie Smith präsentieren zu können. Roben-Marie ist eine begnadete Mixed Media Künstlerin, die mich auch immer wieder mit ihrer Mail Art in den Bann zieht. Neben einem eigenen etsy-store betreibt sie die Paperbag Studios. Auf ihrer Website teilt sie anhand vieler Videos ihre eigenen Erfahrungen und Werke mit ihren Lesern. Viel Spaß mit dem Interview und beim Erkunden ihrer Website :)
I am delighted to share an interview with Roben-Marie Smith today. Roben-Marie is a very talented Mixed Media artist, especially her mail art fascinates me every time I see it. She is the owner of an adorable etsy-store and of the famous Paperbag Studios. On Roben-Maries website you can find a lot of inspiring videos and photos of her work. Enjoy the interview and dont forget to check out her site ;)


1. Please describe yourself in five words: 
Loyal, Resourceful, Tenacious, Giving and  Creative

2. What are you creating? 
I just finished a new on-line workshop called Art Journal Conversion:creating multilayered pages and converting them into journals.  Ifrequently receive questions about how I create my layered art journal pages. This workshop is a step-by-step of my process where I share the how’s andthe why’s of my creative process.  

3. When and why did you start crafting? 
As far back as I can remember I was creating. When I was a child I alwayspestered my parents for craft supplies.  I made my own stuffed animals,ornaments, journals, jewelry and more.  My mom still has a necklace andpair of earrings I made from sunflower seeds at summer camp!

4. How do you explain to other people what you aredoing? 
That is a tough one and sometimes it is uncomfortable when I know thatquestion is going to be asked of me.  I feel weird saying that I am anartist and when I do, I always clarify that I am not a fine artist but a mixedmedia artist.  Inevitably I get that strange look or hear “what isthat?”  Since I also design rubber art stamps, that one is mucheasier to explain.  

5. Who or what inspires you? 
I am inspired by many things: historical fiction, Jane Austin, amazingathletes, fashion catalogs, nature and a host of photographers and mixed mediaartists.

6. Three crafting related things you would take alongon a lonely island:
Gesso, watercolors and my Pilot pen!

Additonal: What does your crafting room look like(feel free to add a picture!) 
My art room is small but I am so blessed to have it!  My work table isunder a window that looks out over the canal in our backyard.  
Thank you, Roben-Marie!

4 Gedanken zu „6+1 Interview: Roben-Marie Smith

  1. Sandy

    Danke Janna für dieses tolle Interview.
    Ich liebe RM Arbeiten und Ihre Workshops kann ich nur uneingeschränkt empfehlen. Da habe ich vieles gelernt.

  2. Miss Marple

    Toll, daß du Roben-Marie interviwen konntest, ich bin einen riesigen Fan von ihr und ihre Werke. Auf ihrem Blog kann ich Stunden verbringen!
    Enen guten Start in die neue Woche – Irma

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