new online class: 101 Design Team Calls

DTC_en_etsyI have been asked many times about how to apply for Design Team Calls that it was about time to get this e-course started! I made a lot of experiences as a designer, as well as someone who was looking for new Design Team members. This course is a “live-class”, which means, there are no pre-scheduled posts – all posts will be written the day they go live. This allows me to weave topics and questions in that might occur during the class.

Class Description
This 3 week online class is made for those who want to push their scrapbooking career forward – no matter if you are a beginner or already advanced in Design Team work.
Learn more about:

– basic knowledge about Design Teams and Design Team Calls
– what to consider before applying to a Design Team
– how to find and apply to Design Team Calls
– how to improve your photo skills and the appearance of your blog
– how to handle social media and online galleries (including facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter, flickr..)
– how to write an appropriate application (structure, content, examples)
– duties as a Design Team member
– organization and time management
– publications
– writing a crafting resume
– finding inspiration and staying on track
– avoiding trip hazards
– how to cope with failure
– …

The class is filled with tons of tips and inspiration in video and text format! You will be able to receive feedback asap, not only from me, but also from other students all around the world.

Class Dates and Fee
Private class room opens March 16th 2013 and lessons start on March 18th. The class room will remain open after the lessons end, so you will be able to go through all lectures whenever you want to. Invitations to the classroom will be send through email on March 16th 2013. Course language is English.

The class is now obtainable via the ‘online Kurse’ page on this blog or my Etsy shop.

Please note: By registering and paying for this online class you agree to not share the content of the class outside of the 101 Design Team Call classroom, neither to share your log-in with a third party. All materials from the course are copyright by Janna Werner. Confirmation and invites will be send to your Paypal email address.


Questions and Answers
How does this online class work?
The private class room opens March 16th 2013, invites will be send to your Paypal email address the same day. Lessons start on March 18th 2013. The private class room is open 24/7 and will remain open without time restriction once the lessons are over. All lessons will be available as downloadable PDFs as well. You will have a course outline in the class room to see when which lesson will go live. Course language is English.

Where and how can I pay for this class?
The class is obtainable via the ‘online Kurse’ page on this blog or my Etsy shop.

Do I get a refund if I can´t join the class or drop out?
No, the e-course is not refundable. The registration for this class is binding.

Do I need Design Team experience for this class?
No. This course is for beginners as well as for advanced.

What do I need for this online course?
The following is not a must-have, but good to have: computer or laptop, blog and knowledge of blogging terms and how to handle the blog, camera, journal, word or open office.

Will I be picked for a Design Team after attending this class?
When a company picks their new Design Team, there are a lot of factors that they are taking into account. This class provides the tools and knowledge to improve your (online) appearance, written applications and helps to enhance your skills as Design Team member.

I still have some questions…
If you have questions that haven´t been answered here, please contact me at e-courses@jannawerner.de.


12 Gedanken zu „new online class: 101 Design Team Calls

  1. Franziska Jahn

    Hi Janna,

    ich habe mich riesig gefreut, als ich das hier gelesen hab.
    Ich habe schon seit Ewigkeiten einen Blog, der ist so verlassen, das macht mich richtig traurig :(
    Ich hoffe, ich finde in Deinem Kurs endlich den Antrieb und die nötigen Kenntnisse, um wieder Spass am Bloggen zu haben und damit auch andere Menschen zu erreichen.

    Ich freue mich riesig :D

    Liebe Grüße

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