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Channel your inner artist and learn to create beautiful masterpieces in your journal!
In this class, jumpstart your creativity and learn a wide variety of skills to get you started with art journaling! You’ll start by creating your own art journal and then learn how to use your supplies in creative ways to create layered pages and more. From stamping and paint mediums to drawing and doodles, put your craft supplies to work and get your hands dirty to create stunning pages in your art journal!

What you`ll learn:

  • what an art journal is and why you definitely want to be an art journaler
  • how to make an art journal yourself, using an easy way to bind it
  • how to create multi-layered pages with paper scraps, watercolors, acrylics and stamping
  • why paper scraps are perfect for art journal pages and how to decorate them
  • how to use easy drawings and the triangle design principle to create a beautiful watercolor flower bouquet
  • mark making as a fun technique to add highlights to a page
  • what to do if you get stuck when working on a page

Teacher: Janna Werner
Guests: Claire Donovan, Zinia Redo

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